Clay 3D printing

Tronxy just released a Clay/Porcelain/Ceramics slurry 3d printer. I’m very curious to see how this is going to play out. It’s a new technology, LDM. Liquid Deposition Modeling (Liquid Stacked Flow Modeling). Similar to FDM of course, but the print head is massive. I wonder if Snapmaker would create one down the line in the future, if it’s a successful technology that is.

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They’re late to the party, actually:


There are probably others. The more the merrier, though.

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Oh cool. I never knew about it, I’m fairly new to 3D printing, have had one for 2 years but only recently in February actually started to delve deeper into it, far more experienced in CNC and never paid attention to the technology advancement behind 3D printers. Hence why I didn’t know. Still though, I wonder how this technology is going to play out in time.

Hard to say. The catch seems to be that while these setups can print clay, they can’t fire it into pottery—you still need a kiln for that.

In the spirit of “any machine can be a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough”…any 3d printer can become a kiln if you operate it wrong enough.

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@brent113 With Tenlog you don’t even need to try lmao. Burns out boards left and right. Mainly due to cheap ribbon cables. Just let it run and it’ll evolve into a kiln, water types are Super Effective.

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Alas, I think you need to be able to keep it at a steady temperature for several hours if you don’t want to end up with broken pottery, so you’d have to be very precise about how wrongly you operated it. :rofl:

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I want a chocolate extruder head.

Is that like a chocolate bunny? Sounds nice.

Did you see that was done in 2020? They made a chocolate printer out of the snapmaker

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Yeah why not both? Zmorph, a 3d printer in many regards not dissimilar to the Snapmaker (also has cnc, laser, 3dp, dual 3dp interchangeable heads) has a “thick paste extruder” head which I’d say would work well for clay AND chocolate, the latter even better if there was a software controllable heater/mixer within the syringe part.


@ElloryJaye I’d make a YouTube video with the title “how NOT to operate machinery!” And it’d be just an excuse to do it lol.

@brent113 i would get so fat if I had that chocolate module…

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