Can't load the right filament


Is there someone that can help me? I have assembled the Snapmaker Artisan and am now trying to calibrate the dual extrusion module.

The screen tells me to insert the filament unit it is gripped and being pulled in. I’ve pushed the filament in but it is not loading.

I finally got the left one to load, but not the right. I am following the onscreen instructions but I can’t seem to get to load. Is there a special trick I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

You can try to unplug the Bowden tube near the extruder, pull a small amount of filament out of the tube then push the filament tip manually into the extruder after clicking “load”. Keep in mind to push it straight down rather than angled. No need for force just make sure it’s directed straight down.
After the filament goes in the pull the tube back down and clip it to where it belongs on the extruder.

I think the trick is in the angle.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try. By Bowden tube, I assume you mean filament tube.

So, making sure I understand correctly… remove the filament tube and then insert the filament directly into the dual extrusion module unit it loads… then pull the filament back out, re-install the tube, then re-feed the filament back through the tube.

Thanks… that’s got it … so grateful for your advice.

I’m glad it worked.
It should be fine just to unplug the tip of the tube where it enters the extruder and pull a bit of filament from it, no need to completely remove the tube.

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I finally did some 3D printing on my Artisan today and had a similar issue with the left extruder. No matter how far I pushed the filament in during the calibration process, the controller wouldn’t recognize that the filament was there. I backed out of the calibration and restarted it and the filament was finally detected.