Can the Horizontally Mounted A350 Linear Module Hold Some Weight While Operating?

I’ve been frustrated while using my A350 when the print head goes home after calibration. It causes a few feet of filament to fall off of the spool and risks getting it tangled in the works or on the spool itself when I rewind it.

I’m sure that printing and using one of the numerous self-rewinding spool holders might help with the issue, but I had another idea:

What if I were to design and print a spool holder that mounts to the threaded holes on the back half of the horizontally mounted Linear Module? Then the spool, filament and head would all travel vertically together while printing. As long as the assembly didn’t interfere with the printhead travel or its data cable, the only important question would be “Can the two vertical Linear Modules together handle the extra weight of a spool of filament while accurately moving up and down?”

@ahawkes, Hi Adam; I would say most definitely, if only because they showed a prototype of a 3rd party spindle for CNC witch would be at least 1kg i would think. but adding weight to any moving part of a 3D printer should be avoided because it necessitates slower printing speeds, that’s why bowden printers can print significantly faster then direct drive, your not moving the extruder motor around. but since your talking about mounting it to the Z axis that moves slowly anyway you would probably be ok (but you may need to slow down your Z hop speed if you have issues). give it a shot and let us all know how it works :smiley:

Here it is!

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