Calibration stops with error Message. How to proceed?

Sanapmaker 2.0 350T, brandnew

I finally managed that all axis are running and machine is even homing properly but still not calibrating!

When I start Auto-Calibration following happens (in that order):

  1. Z-Axis is moving to Top Position (Display shows 325.00)
  2. X-Axis is moving to maximum left Position (Display shows 347.00)
  3. Y-Axis is moving to maximum forward Position (Display shows -19.00)
  4. Y-Axis is moving back
  5. Z-Axis is moving down and head moves BELOW the bed level
  6. Z-Axis is moving above bed level
  7. X- Y- and Z-Axis move simultanously towards about center of the bed
  8. Calibration stops with error Message “please contact our service”

What is wrong?
Is -19.00 a wrong zero for Y-Axis? Why is there a negative number at y? and Why all the other axis obviously all maximum positive?

Why is head moving below bed level at first?

Why is head moving below bed level at first?

Sounds like an assembly problem. Double-check your bottom linear rails. Are they mounted correctly?

You might be right. They look over the plate. Had to dis- and reassemble today. I will crosscheck and come back!

Sometimes life is too simple. You made my day. Thank you!

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