Calibration effects (bed height) from assembly

My initial assembly of my 2.0 was fun, but I had calibration problems, not with the function but with the variance in the bed height. :unamused: I found that, because I rushed and didn’t use my machine maintenance experience in a large aerospace factory, I didn’t tighten the bed nor the frame screws properly. From the frame to the heated bed, it is important to tighten the all screws to less than finger tight before tightening then to final torque. They should all be in place, but not even snugged before tightening to the final torque, in fact, it’s better to place them less (set to finger tight and then slightly loosened) than finger tight, set them all to just slightly finger tight and then tighten them, all in a pattern starting with the central screw, and then jumping around as if tightening the bolts on the head of an engine-for similar reasons. And, remember, the frame can also cause problems if not tightened correctly.
My calibration readings changed from a good deal more than 1mm (according to the logs) difference, min-max, to less than 0.1mm just by loosening the screws an then, slowly relighting them in a good pattern. I should have known better.
If you suspect that you have the same bed height problems, you may want to loosen all the screws and let the frame and bed relax over night-another thing I learned in the factory.
By the way, my comments on the assembly instructions are that they are best I’ve seen since I made Heathkits.

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