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If you find a bug in Snapmakerjs v2.6.X, please report it here. Our developers will solve it as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Seting of Jog and Work speed not avaible in CNC seting (generate - Gcode card). Standard seting was so fast for FR4 +Cu. Brake some bits. Recomended add option of setinngs and recomendation of speed for carving tool.


Is this reporting for 3D Printing as well?? I hope so, because I can’t find a forum for SnapMakerJS and 3D Printing.

If someone has an issue with adhesion and warping, the “solution” is to print a brim and print slower. There are numerous problems that come with that.

  1. Printing the brim does NOT respect the “Initial Layer Speed”. This absolutely does not help with adhesion when the brim is printed too fast. SOLUTION: Respect the “Initial Layer Speed” for the brim! FIXED IN 2.6.1.

  2. Printing the brim “stutters” at the corner it starts on. This CAUSES the rest of the brim TO warp. See if you can tell me which corner is my “start corner” in the video below. SOLUTION: Print the brim CONTINUOUSLY, like you print “Skin”.

Crappy Brim Printing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/a8L1oFquWf3atEpq7

  1. No matter what I do, every stop and start on the bottom layer always looks like crap because of this. The head stopped and started printing about 12 times just to print this bottom layer (two screw openings and a square opening). SOLUTION: Print the bottom layer continuous, always. Always always. Always. (or have a checkbox) image

  2. If you have a large base on your print, the “Skin” (Yellow in this image), it will print at the “Initial Layer Speed”. The problem with adhesion is not the fill, it’s the outsides. Printing this layer took 32 minutes, 4 of that was the outer and inner walls (the part that warps and NEEDS to print slow), and the other 28 minutes was the Skin, the part that NEVER warps. SOLUTION: Print “Layer 1 Skin” at “Top/Bottom Speed”. image image


When I was laser cutting I saw it went wrong, so I clicked the red “Stop” button on SnapmakerJS. The axes stopped but the laser continued and burned a hole through. SnapmakerJS blocked completely:

Finally, I stopped the laser by switching-off the Snapmaker.
I think the laser must stop immediately after pressing any STOP.


After updating to SnapmakerJS 2.6.1 I am missing the option to choose support options. Allso in the workspace
the progress indicator is not realtime anymore. I have to click LMB to update progress indicator.
I had the same problem in 2.5.x but after upgrading to 2.6.0 everything was OK but now with 2.6.1 as written above.
Hope You can make sense of my story.
This is my first time ever on a forum.
Thanx in advance for any assistance.


Hi there, fall is here so I took out my snapmaker for printing again :slight_smile:

  • SW wanted to be updated to 2.6.1 on my Mac, but when first starting Apple complains that it can not start it since they can not scan it? With right-mouse-click you can start it anyway. Probably related to the new MacOS catalina.
  • I can not find my skirt options to disable anymore, was there is the old 2.5 version
  • I can set brim or support in the Printing settings anymore. Where has it gone to?
    The manual is outdated (https://manual.snapmaker.com/3d_printing/) the screenshots there look quite old…

I will go back to 2.5.5 now and wait for answers or an sw update :wink:



2.6.1 - No brim or support option listed, oversight or am I missing something?


Support and adhesion are moved down to 3D printing configurations. @shotonce @sven

It could be the folder permission new in Catalina. @sven


I still can’t find the support and adhesion buttton. Can you explain how to find it?



Ok, thanks, I found it. I didn’t knew that it is only available under Customize.


Can not change ‘build plate adhesion type’ from ‘skirt’ utilizing the ‘customize’ tab

‘skirt’ grayed-out and Brim or Raft are not visible nor selectable.


The machine finished Laser Engraving but the software was frozen at the attached screenshot. FYI, the Snapmaker was connected via USB. Also, there was no Live preview during the engraving.


I had the same problem as Kamiana, but with CNC. After this occured, the CNC continued, but would not pause, when using the Snapmaker controller or the computer control buttons. I think it may occur if the computer goes to “sleep”, but I have no proof that is the case.

Snapmakerjs "server disconnect" or failure

Recently I have been having this problem when the prints randomly finish without actually finishing. It happens pretty close to the end, and at first, I thought it was the file I was using, but I tried two different files and the same thing is happening. I don’t know if this is a bug, or I’m just dumb. I thought it was worth putting out there.


Hi, I’m a just staring with Snapmaker but don’t have the machine yet. I ordered a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 which will not arrive until June but I’m curious about how you imported the Mayan calendar file.
What type of file did you import and which engraving method did you choose. i.e. B&W, Greyscale or Vector.
I found a copy of the calendar in DXF format and exported it from Rhinoceros as an SVG file. I assume the image would need to be converted to a negative to be able to engrave only the areas around the vectors.
Would love it if you could walk me through this. Thanks, Mark

  1. I downloaded the .svg from the following link: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aztec_calendar.svg
  2. Open it in SM as a Vector engraving
  3. Adjust your settings according to my FB post (except Power to 22%) and you’ll get the attached result.

FB Post https://m.facebook.com/groups/371401856611467?view=permalink&id=829996900751958


I’ve had an instance when the Engraving paused briefly (maybe a second or two) as the laptop display turned off. Haven’t tried testing the controls after that…


Thank you so much. I look forward to giving this a try.


Having the same problem. I can see the options for adhesion and support, but adhesion cannot be changed from “skirt” to anything else and support seems to be locked out, showing me a circle with diagonal bar through it when hovering over the check box. Has anyone figured out how to resolve this? When I need supports I have to switch to snapmaker3D to generate the gcode with supports.