Bug Reports and Feedback for Snapmakerjs v2.6.X


If you find a bug in Snapmakerjs v2.6.X, please report it here. Our developers will solve it as soon as possible. Thank you!

Downloads and Updates
Downloads and Updates

Seting of Jog and Work speed not avaible in CNC seting (generate - Gcode card). Standard seting was so fast for FR4 +Cu. Brake some bits. Recomended add option of setinngs and recomendation of speed for carving tool.


Is this reporting for 3D Printing as well?? I hope so, because I can’t find a forum for SnapMakerJS and 3D Printing.

If someone has an issue with adhesion and warping, the “solution” is to print a brim and print slower. There are numerous problems that come with that.

  1. Printing the brim does NOT respect the “Initial Layer Speed”. This absolutely does not help with adhesion when the brim is printed too fast. SOLUTION: Respect the “Initial Layer Speed” for the brim! FIXED IN 2.6.1.

  2. Printing the brim “stutters” at the corner it starts on. This CAUSES the rest of the brim TO warp. See if you can tell me which corner is my “start corner” in the video below. SOLUTION: Print the brim CONTINUOUSLY, like you print “Skin”.

Crappy Brim Printing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/a8L1oFquWf3atEpq7

  1. No matter what I do, every stop and start on the bottom layer always looks like crap because of this. The head stopped and started printing about 12 times just to print this bottom layer (two screw openings and a square opening). SOLUTION: Print the bottom layer continuous, always. Always always. Always. (or have a checkbox) image

  2. If you have a large base on your print, the “Skin” (Yellow in this image), it will print at the “Initial Layer Speed”. The problem with adhesion is not the fill, it’s the outsides. Printing this layer took 32 minutes, 4 of that was the outer and inner walls (the part that warps and NEEDS to print slow), and the other 28 minutes was the Skin, the part that NEVER warps. SOLUTION: Print “Layer 1 Skin” at “Top/Bottom Speed”. image image


When I was laser cutting I saw it went wrong, so I clicked the red “Stop” button on SnapmakerJS. The axes stopped but the laser continued and burned a hole through. SnapmakerJS blocked completely:

Finally, I stopped the laser by switching-off the Snapmaker.
I think the laser must stop immediately after pressing any STOP.