Bug Reports and Feedback for Snapmakerjs V2.5.X


WHAT? :flushed::scream:

Could you please clarify that. Snapmaker is primarily a 3D Printer and now you’re saying that the current software no longer supports 3 D printing !?

Surely what you mean is that the latest updates have simply not addressed 3D Printing issues.

Can we assume that the next updarte will?


Oh sorry I mean just for Windows 32bit builds 3D slicing is deprecated :rofl: @BriHar Haha pls checkout our latest beta version Snapmakerjs v2.5.5 Beta Testing we are optimizing the user experience using 3D part.


I got a very strange bug: While printing something via USB, I tried to generate the gcode for the next part, but it always showed “Slicing 0,0%” in the bottom left corner. Reloading the part didn’t help. After the print finished I tried it with restarting SnapmakerJS, but it was still the same. I had to restart my PC to get SnapmakerJS to slice a part again.

It felt like the Cura engine in the background got stuck and blocked the slicing (I tried to find the process in the task manager but couldn’t find it)

OS: Win10 x64
SnapmakerJS v2.5.5 Beta 1


Do you know if the outline feature has been fixed yet, it still does not work in the v2.5.4.
Even with simple vectors like circle or teardrop lines.
Have been running the cnc to cut files, they work in the on path mode but make two passes for the lines.
An issue with the Cnc is the set screw does not stay tight and the bit drops out , should go with different motor and chuck or replacement option would be good.


Must be the slice engine got stuck, it can’t deal with large model files (like 120M or 150M depends on your PC). 0% denotes that it’s still preparing and parsing the model file (exported from workspace) while not actually starts slicing.

@ronnelson8 The outline feature has been broken for many vectors. It’s based on algorithm called Martinez, while we’re using a 3rd party library to deal with the part (well we’ve fixed some of its issues), but it’s not working well still. We may have some time to read the papers and re-implement the algorithm in one or two months, but a lot of features (some for the Snapmaker 2.0) are ahead of us :roll_eyes:

“make two passes for the lines”, sometimes for the vectors converted from other formats, they look like they have one path but actually two paths overlapped in the SVG file. Another issue I can’t help much, not yet considering the original one, but we have huge upgrades in Snapmaker 2.0.


Bug report: The software is adding a skin to a hole at the bottom that is not in the model. I tried different settings (e.g. bottom to 0.0) but it still genereates the code



In Win 10, the 3d-printing quality setting profile is located in:
The “stanl” above is my user name, just ignore it.
You can copy custom profiles from or to this folder.


Rather use the following path - its universal regardless of the username:


Be sure to include the % characters or it wont work :wink:


Snapmakerjs 2.5.4, win 64-bit. I can’t update any of the parameters when I select “Customize” under “Print Settings”. I can see all the parameters, but when I move the mouse over any of them, I get a red “NOT” sign (circle with a slash).

What do I need to do to modify these parameters?


Did you duplicate default settings? There is a little button on the right side to duplicate existed official settings.


I did not, and that fixed my issue. Thank-you!


When I create a Text Object, I cannot use the keyboard arrow keys (left right up down) to move the text object.



I have noticed that when selecting a slower first level (I use 10mm) that it only applies to the print and not the add on’s (Brim, Raft, etc.) I tried to make a print with Brim and the outer section of the Brim worked great but it printed at full speed and not the selected speed for first layer. Is this a bug or as expected?


Hi! You have to set the speed setting for the brim manually in the config file. you need to change the “default_value” of the parameter “skirt_brim_speed”. I use 15mm/s

My post about the config file.


Awesome thanks!!! The outer brim seems to work but the software does brim on inner holes and it goes at lightning speed and does not adhere to the surface it just smears. Will slow it down.

Thanks again!!!


Bug in CNC Carver

Adding two of the same image, one with “Outline” and the other with “Fill” do not compliment each other.

As you can see from the image (and yes, the resulting carved output is in fact just as crappy), the “Fill” carve extends OUTSIDE the Outline lines.

If I do a “Fill” at the resolution required for the round edges, the carving will take 8 hours, and the outline is pointless.

If I do an “Outline”, the carving takes 30 minutes, but there is “fill” left between the outer and inner lines. I can’t win.

I’m expecting the “Fill” to only carve within the “Outline” area. I think the problem is that the “Fill” path does not care about the Outline path and takes 8 hours to complete because it’s going up line by line rather than by the paths already established for “Outline” (just progressively closing in)

As a feature request, I would like a “Delete Infill” within the “Outline” area so that it follows the same path and can be completed in 1/8th the time of a “Fill” pathing.


I tried to edit the number of lines for the BRIM from 20 to 15 and it has no affect. The default is now 15 but it still prints 20 lines. Am I missing something? Is the calculation overriding the default number of Brim Lines?


Did you restart Snapmakerjs after you changed the value? (snapmakerjs only reads the file on start up).

The Brim count also has to do with the following parameters: “Support Brim Width”, “support_brim_line_count”, “skirt_brim_minimal_length”, “brim_width” (brim_width should be brim_line_count * 0,4)


Yup after restart the speed is slower but trying to figure out how to cut out the number of brim lines. Must be In the calculation so it’s still doing 20 or it’s somewhere else. Went thru the entire file and checked all spots. The brim so far has been exactly 20 lines for every print I have done even though the number is 15 in the config file.


It works for me if I change the “brim_line_count” parameter “default value” to 15 (line 4602) it works for me

…it seems to work even without restarting snapmakerjs