Bug Reports and Feedback for Snapmakerjs V2.4.X

If you find a bug in Snapmakerjs V2.4.X, please report it here. Our developer @parachvte will solve it as soon as possible. Thank you!

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posted this in the “Bug reports and Feedback for Snapmakerjs V2.3.x” section already… just tested with V2.4.0, same behavior.
I seem to have an issue with Text in a .svg file. Most of the svg is engraved well, but the included text section is not. It shows on the Laser section where I upload the svg, but then on the Workspace area it doesn’t show anymore and also it is not printed.

Is this a bug? How to fix it?

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@e-maddin Thanks for your feedback! Currently we don’t support SVG files with text (the text information will be lost when generating G-code). Besides that, fills and open lines are not supported yet.
You can instead use B&W or Greyscale to engrave text for now. Please stay tuned for our future updates.

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When I go to the Settings screen (gear icon, bottom left) and try selecting a new command, event, and click on the “+ New” button the screen goes black and I can’t seem to do anything but close out. This is on a PC running Windows 7 Professional. I’ll try it on my Mac when I get home.

Another request, remember the window size and location so it opens the same place and size the next time I open Snapmakerjs.

Regards, Tone

EDIT: This behaves the same on my Mac.
EDIT 2: v2.4.1 fixed this problem.

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SCALE, you’ve got to be able to support larger scale than 200%!!!
I frequently have to scale my incoming parts to 2450. Inch to metric conversion.

You should be able to ZOOM in closer than you currently do. Sometimes it’s necessary to look at certain details.

EDIT 2.4.1 - Improved SCALE now goes to 500%. Still need 2450%. I would go to 5000%

In 2.3.2, when I had a svg with a Circle, the result was a laser engraved circle. Now it is something undefined with a few corners.
Example - same SVG compared in 2.3.2 and 2.4.0:

In 2.4.0, I cannot “Load” the previously created GCode from a SVG file directly to the work area.
The button is active when Snapmaker is connected and the app changes from the Laser module to the Workspace when I press the button, but the workspace then is empty. It only works when I export the GCode from the Laser module and import it to the Work area with “Upload G-Code”.
That worked fine in 2.3.2 but now is broken.


Hi Support

Using the laser. I load an image, click Preview then Generate G-code all OK. When I click Load it jumps to the Workspace screen however it does not load the file. If I go back to the Laser screen and Export the g-code file, then return to the Workspace screen and upload that g-code it works.


@doug @e-maddin Thanks for the feedback! You’re describing the same issue.
We were focused on migrating and testing on 3D Printing, so regression tests were ignored on laser and CNC. We’ll release a hotfix release later today.



You are too keen to give us improvements hahahaha. make sure you have a good test checklist for regression testing.

You are doing well… keep going. I for one understand the growth of a startup business and fully support/share in some of the growth pains and anything we can do to help is given.

i would expect many of the other backers would feel the same, as we bought a product that was new, under development and we want to see it improve.


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ZOOMING should be focused at the cursor location. That is an option in the Cura software. Much preferred. The limits on zooming are too far for zooming out and not far enough when zooming in. I need to see some of the path features.

EDIT. I notice that on a PC you can RIGHT-CLICK to move the part (or center of zoom focus). Is there a comparable way to do that on a Mac without a 3-button mouse??

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@parachvte thanks for the quick fixes!
One suggestion you might want to take into consideration: I have a computer I am working on in my office, and a second one in my workshop next to the Snapmaker. I can’t really work with the Workplace section of Snapmakerjs because the PC I am working on is not connected to Snapmaker, but the PC in the Workshop is connected.
==> for me it would be really cool if I could have something like a “connection simulation” in the workplace section of Snapmakerjs which allows to use this section, simulate the “load” buttons etc. without the Snapmaker being actually connected. What do you think?

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If your PC’s are on the same network and Windows based, you can use Remote Desktop to logon to the workshop PC and control it from from your office…,save the walk. It is just another window showing on your office PC


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@doug thanks, good suggestion. I know RDP and am working with it every day… But still you have to walk to there, switch it on etc… ==> still I think having a connection simulation option would be a good idea :wink:


In the 3D screen, I’m unable to delete a profile.

I duplicated a standard profile. When clicking the delete icon I receive the popup “Are you sure to remove profile #Fast Print” (no question mark) and clicking “OK” only results in closing the popup without deleting the profile.

Also, if you rename the profile name “#Fast Print” to “Fast Print” by accident, this profile is no longer editable and you’re unable to delete it.

Hint: I watched the Developer Tools Console and I see that a 404 pops up when clicking “OK”:

DELETE 404 (Not Found)

  • Niels
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@niels Yeah I’ve got feedback from @X_Pilot pointing the same issue, but it seems to be system related cuz I can only re-produce it on Windows and it works fine on macOS.

The v2.4.1 hotfix is mainly for the issue of being unable to load G-code into Workspace when using Laser & CNC, other bugs are postponed since the software is generally operational.


Snapmakerjs 2.4.0 - 14/06/2018

3D Printing G-Code Generator:
Really nice interface.
Nice colour choices.
Sleek buttons.
Font is readable.

Really like the interface!

Cannot delete profile once duplicated.
->How to replicate it:
–>Duplicate High Quality profile to receive #High Quality.
–>Press delete button.

Layer view is extremely laggy.
->How to replicate it:
–>Generate G-code of model.
–>Rotate camera around model.

Recommended changes:
Have the materials be a dropdown and add more (PETG is quite a common material. It may be useful to have a profile for it too!)

Allow the material settings to be modified. The PLA setting may work for some PLA filaments, but maybe not all.

With the previous comment, add a reset button for the materials.

Move Adhesion and Support to “Printing Settings” as it seems more fitting.

When on “Customize” in Print Settings, do not lock the settings.

Add “Save”, “Save to new profile” and “Reset” buttons in Print Settings.

Make the duplicate, edit and delete buttons larger (if they are kept) as they are tiny! They were difficult to find on a 1080p monitor, however, on a 4K monitor they may be smaller!

The ability to add multiple models into the scene would be nice in the future :slight_smile:

It is a fantastic update! I really like the new implementation of the 3D printing G-code Generator and the layout is sleek and easy on the eyes! With a few more improvements for usability and bug fixes, Snapmakerjs will easily compete with Cura and the other slicers out there!

Also like the new black icon. It’s really nice!

(Put this here as I had DM’d it to @parachvte )

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Ctrl-click should give you right-click behavior. If you’re using a laptop with a multi-touch trackpad, you can also use a two-fingered click.


3D Layer Navigation: I’d like to see the current layer number next to the scroll bar or perhaps at the top of the scroll bar. I’d also like to be able to move up and down the layers with the keyboard arrow keys.

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What do you suggest with your special case? With scales large than 10 times, the scale slider is obviously not interaction friendly any more. Do you think scales greater than 500% are the common cases, should we just leave a blank input field for users to input the scale rate?