Bug Reports and Feedback for Snapmaker-GD32Base-2.X


@BriHar There are mechanical reasons on the linear modules (only when you are homing), a general update on firmware can solve >90% of users who encountered the bug. If you don’t have and you will never have to worry about it. Our products came out in batches and their subtle differences caused the unexpected issue (yeah that’s bad). With the firmware update we can solve most of the issue, and we are helping others whose problem can not be solved.


Thankyou for the reply ,
However, if I don’t have this bug, could updating the firmware cause me any adverse problems?


I think not. We considered compatibility and with the help of this issue we updated our SOP to make our future release more stable. If you have any issue occasionally, please post them here.


Recently i have bought the snapmaker with firmware 2.4
I had issues with the Z-axis not homing correctly.
With the 2.8 firmware this is now working properly.

However, when i am done printing. the heated bed is moved to the most forward position.When switching off and on the printer, and selecting a new print file, the heated bed stays in the most forward position. This causes the y-axis to hit the end of the movement when the printer want to start printing.

To solve this, i first have to do a manual homing action before i can print a new printjob.