Bug on Laser Engrave Resume - Snapmakerjs 2.3.1


I was laser engraving but had to step away for a few hours (4, if it matters) so decided to pause my job.

I resumed my job by pressing play and as shown below there is a VERY distinct difference in the job before/after as shown below:

All settings appear the same in the software with laser still at the same power (100%). Literally all that has happened is the job has been paused for 4 hours then resumed. We can see from the pattern continuation that the software remembered the job and the position it was at, just it did not pick up the job the same way it left it off.


I know this is a super-old necro, but was this verified as a bug or fixed at some point? I was wondering if, perhaps, there may have been a big change in temperature or humidity over that 4-hour period that could have affected the job so drastically, or if the problem was identified as the snapmaker.


We couldn’t know. After the pause, once you turn no the laser even for 1s (say you pressed the Jog Mode on screen which will turn on the laser at a very low power), then the power is changed to the lower power. I’m also wondering how is the laser going, were the later engraves still go with low power?


This issue (if it is one) must have come up during the enclosure tests which also pause the Laser.
@parachvte, was nothing untoward noticed? Upon resuming (i.e. closing the door) does the Laser resume with the same intensity?