Bubble Level Vials

Hi there!

I can’t use the deliverd Bubble Level Vials because they are not propper calibrated so I used my own ones.
Has anyone monitored the same?

See this Picture:

Same here. They aren’t very accurate indeed. You can still use them, though. You just need to remember where “level” is^^

If you have the laser module, and an accurate graduated level available, you could “remark” the level case…


mine are also way out

I don’t know why they provided 2 pieces.
With just one you can set it up parallel too. Just check the same bubble position on both axes…

Yes mine were way off, i numbered the sides and got them close, but was not good enough in my book. I own a machine shop so i have what it takes to make it right.

You are right. The bubble level vials are a bit tricky… They were necessary before we improved the leveling procedure. Now the leveling is more precise than before. We will remove the vials in the next batch of production. You don’t need to use them for leveling as well.

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I used a longer and precice air Level to calibrate. The angle you can correct is really small so I think calibrating is just for us perfectionists.

Lots of Bubble Level apps you can use on your Android phone. Just FYI.

Yes, but if you use one of these for real you can set it up just with the look of your eyes.
I have really precice analog ones at home…

Hi @Rainie

You might also amend the Manual that the bubble levels are not required for the new Snapmaker models. I just received my Snapmaker and was reading the manual which mentioned the levels and of course they were not shipped with this model.

I am reading, reading, reading and will attempt my first project in the weeks to come. I am so blown away with the quality of your product and support.

BTW is the manual also available as a ,pdf file download?

Keep having fun and wishing all of you a great 2018


Hi Doug,

Thank you for the reminder. I will revise the Manual as soon as possible. =)
Yes, the pdf version of the Quick Start Guides are at the Download page of our website. You can read them online or download them at https://www.snapmaker.com/download

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Thanks @Rainie

I sent a couple of document updates to Info@snapmaker.com You are fine tuning a great product now.

Keep having fun and have a great weekend.


Hi Doug,

I saw your email to support@snapmaker.com as well. Thank you for your suggestions. I will read them later and get back to you soon. :wink:

Keep having fun too!

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my mistake it was your support email not info. I will always send through suggestions where it may improve your product delivery.

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