Blank svg in Snapmakerjs

Trying to save an svg with Inkscape. When in the laser window the picture looks fine but when I export it to the main screen it exports as a line on the x axis. Anyone else had svg trouble?

Can you upload your file so I can test it for you?
SVG import is not as failsafe as it should be.


Here is what I was trying to make. Looks fine in the preview but after I generate G-code and load it this is what it looks like.


Thanks for looking into it

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Here’s G-code generated by Snapmakerjs v2.4.5.
You can download the latest version here: Snapmakerjs Downloads and Updates

Chen Zheyong

I’m facing the same problem.

I’ve created a SVG with inkscape of my name. But the GCODE is empty. How to fix this annoying bug?

This is the SVG:

This is my GCODE view:

Here you can download my SVG: freiberufler-logo3b_grosses_schild_first_4

What am I doing wrong? I use the version 2.4.6 of Snapmaker.

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<text> tag is not recognized by Snapmakerjs. You may need to use the text mode for now.

Hi @parachvte thank you for the answer.

text-tag is a basic feature in SVG and it is not supported.Wow… I’ve designed several company signs, and now I can not laser engrave some simple SVGs. This is really frustrating.

I’ve now converted my text into a path. The result is much better but still faulty.

This is my SVG now:

This is the result:

The preview looks also good, but the gcode looks buggy.
Does anybody know how to fix this strange behaviour?

I finally got the workaround for SVGs in Incscape that it will processed correctly within Snapmakerjs:

First convert the contour into a path for a single letter. After that merge the letter parts into a single object.

Do that with every single letter. And then the result will be like this! :wink:

Now the result looks like this: