Bended model - which orientation and support is better to print?

Hi there,

just gathering first experiences with 3D print. I have a model that is purposefully bend in a slight angle:

And now I wonder what would be recommended orientation and setting to print it (with PLA). I guess because of the overhang, I need support? Which one and how much? This is 15% setting:

I’m worried about the amount of support, it looks like this is going to be a pain getting off the bed, and separating support from model?
Then I thought it would be more intuitive to rotate the object to be upright:

But Luban still suggests a whole lot of support structure, including even filling the centre hole; perhaps because the walls might tip over?

What would you recommend? Or try do it without support?

Placement depending on needed stability.

To reduce support i suggest to invert the model upside down.

Thanks. It doesn’t need to be particular stable, but relatively accurate in its bending angle, for example. By upside down, do you refer to the image you posted, this one flipped 180 degrees around X axis, right?

Yes the centre of the hole on the bed.
Rotate X or Y by 180degree.

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It was a bit of a struggle, as I had three false starts with adhesion problems.

I tried all sorts of things, like change from skirt to brim, lower initial layer speed to 10mm/s. Then I did another bed calibration, and I got it going, even though I still had a bit of adhesion problems in one corner.

In the end, I noticed I should have probably printed in the original orientation as the surface looks quite rutted on the side that had the support attached, but then I actually found that texture more interesting for my use case.