Bed Thumscrews a little too long

Hi guys,

On my particular setup, on the right side of the bed, the screw tips just barely, barely lift the bed sticker. Enough so that it almost causes an issue. On the initial layer, if the object is on top of those spots, you can see thinning of the material. It has not yet ruined anything.

Even though this might be the bed nuts themselves, as I did exchange the thumbscrews, this will be the easiest fix:

I am going to grind down all screws some 1mm, and check them again.

If you have this problem, like I did, you can add washers to keep the screw from going too deep.

Thanks, but all I had to do was grind down the tips of the screws. Worked a charm. Maybe if someone else who does not have a dremel tool can do that instead. Cheers!