Bed clicking causing issues with prints?

My Y-Axis clicks which cause a small jolt at a certain point during the print, at the same spot each time. I found no debris when inspecting the linear module during the print and after using the jogging system to inspect that part of the bed. I would love to look into what is causing this issue, but I feel it might require a warranty replacement.

I have been printing pretty non stop since I got the printer from Prime Day but definitely have noticed some QC issues. A few of the screws are not that well made and slip easily with the tool, others already screwed into the machine are already stripped upon inspection. This leads me to believe the issues I am having are potentially just faulty parts. My controller is already faulty as the on/off switch does not even work so I will be submitting that for warranty.

I have not seen any of the issues you’re describing.

My brims print with a smooth curve. All of the screws, print bed and linear modules, are solid. Although I learned a long time ago that I am stronger than most small screws, so I’m very careful to gently tighten them.

Does the Y-axis click happen if you choose a different print quality? Stepper motors are strange beasts, and it’s possible that the problem will go away if you print more finely or coarsely.

Have you used a straight edge on the bed to see if there’s anything in that spot, or if the bed is warped? If you’re unaware of the technique, this youtube video gives a quick overview. If you do see some light, make sure you move your straight edge around a bit to see if the problem follows the straight edge or sticks with the bed (your straight edge might not be as straight as you think it is). The texture sticker makes this test a bit harder to do, but if you do find something, it will be a problem.

That said, stripped screws will cause you no end of problems.

I had a problem with the center rail of the Y axis which caused the scoring as shown in the attached picture. The scoring was a result of it catching on the bottom of the bed as it passed over it. It also caused prints into fail since it would stall the movement. You might want to take the module apart and check the power wires for the travel limit switch are seated properly. I found mine were not when I was installing the replacement rail.

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