Auto level issue

When I print a 3D item of any size between the left side and the right side there is a step, for example at the start of the print the right side layer is very thin almost to the point that little filament is deposited as the head moves to the left it is like the head steps up and more filament is .deposited.
No matter how many times I run the calibration this continuous to happen, I contacted support and they seemed surprised this is happening from what I have read this is a common issue and I am surprised by supports response as they have just swept the issue under the rug. Support what a joke but I am not laughing.

Sounds like your x-axis isn’t parallel to your bed.
Search the forum for “tramming”.


Hello, how did you level the bed, from what you describe I think you can try tramming your printer. Refer this video to see if it can solve your problem