Arch Linux AUR Package

I made a repackage of the snapmakerjs deb Linux release from Snapmakerjs Downloads and Updates for Arch Linux.

The AUR package can be found at
In the future, when Luban and Snapmakerjs merge, this package will not be necessary. Meanwhile I will try to keep it up to date.

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Hi, we do plan on merging the snapmakerjs and Luban very soon. But this is a good alternative in the meantime :+1:

@josesj Hi Jos. I’m not familiar with ArchLinux, is there something different in Debian and Arch, that a repackage is needed?

Basically you can’t install deb packages on Arch Linux. I made package description file (PKGBUILD) that allow you to build a package from original Debian one, resolve a dependency and install it using Arch Linux package manager. Anyway, you can always download the tar file and install manually.

Snapmakerjs and Luban have been merged onwards version 3.3.0.

Would you like to open a pull request resolving the dependency to make it be able to install on ArchLinux?
Here is the Electron Linux build documentation, PACMAN is in the support list, you can also change the dependency list on build config.

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Another user has created a package for Luban in the AUR repositories. It is outdated right now but works and I hope will be updated soon. The main problem is gconf dependency which is deprecated in Gnome 3 and cannot be installed directly from the official Arch repository.


you can install it from aur?
aur/gconf 3.2.6+11+g07808097-6

Yes, my package does exactly that. Compiles gconf using the AUR package. Anyway, gconf is deprecated from 7 years ago and probably not will be present in any future releases of Linux distributions.

This will not be required by electron.

One easy solution, is to remove it if you want to cut the dependencies.
patchelf --remove-needed snapmaker-luban

I have tried. But if I remove the dependency with patchelf the snapmaker binary fails with error: undefined symbol: gconf_client_get_default

I don’t know if this workaround works with luban.

i am currently with the last version of luban without gconf in a arch and it’s work.
The linker doesn’t ask me to provide a lib for the symbol gconf_client_get_default

Step by step.
tar xavf snapmaker-luban-3.2.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
cd snapmaker-luban-3.2.0-linux-x64
patchelf --remove-needed snapmaker-luban
i let you write it in PKGBUILD.


From my link to Electron document, the build dependencies default to ["gconf2", "gconf-service", "libnotify4", "libappindicator1", "libxtst6", "libnss3"].

I can easily remove the gconf-* libraries, but I’m NOT a heavy user of Linux and I’m not sure if removal of gconf would cause issues on other distributions.

I did the same steps, but this not work with snapmakerjs. Probably works with luban because they are using diferent electron version, but with snapmakerjs the result its always the same:
undefined symbol: gconf_client_get_default

yep with luban the error is vanish.
why did you want to use snapmakerjs and not luban?

read the github issue link up.