Any way to make it quieter?

So I took a quick video and I don’t think there is anything wrong with the printer. It is outside of the enclosure because I needed it to start printing now since my MK3 is down, and I didn’t setup the enclosure to print. (I have to replace a part on my MK3 and I need to get a few prints done for someone). Anyways, I have a feeling even if it was in the enclosure it wouldn’t make that much of a difference on the sound.

What I’m use to is this. It’s a Prusa MK3.

I might just be spoiled from how quiet the MK3 is, but is there any way I can get it to be a bit quieter without building a soundproof box?

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I found two posts, both with good suggestions.

I kinda like listening to it though. I can work, and glance over with the tune changes.

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I don’t hate it, but after a few hours it kinda does bug me. I’m wondering if the SM2 solved this.

My phone loves it because it thinks I’m listing to predictable by korn :rofl:

The SM2 definitely has not solved this, I measured it to be about 60Db which i reduced down to 45Db by building a simple wooden enclosure. I feel this would be further reduced by replacing the power supply fan which (when outside the enclosure) provides the most noise.