Another minimal spool holder!

I loved @kelvin8r 's design with his minimal spool reel holder (, however, it didn’t fit my bearings I had and it was too difficult for me to try to scale it correctly…so I designed my own :smiley:

I’m not very good at designing stuff, so I kinda looked at kelvins genius design and worked from there, but from scratch. I had to take all the measurements of my bearings and went through multiple iterations to get it correct. I finally got the 608RS bearings I had to fit on my design :smiley: The first iteration looked terrible though. This is when I saw a moth. Yes, a little annoying insect that loves light. And I made my design look like a moth because why not.

So ladies and gentlemen! I present to you! The Moth Minimal Spool Holder which is basically kelvins design but it doesn’t hold the bearings so tightly. When I say it is basically kelvins design I mean it was heavily inspired by it.

(I’ll get some pictures sorted soon)




Hi @X_Pilot

Fantastic well done, great job. All design is spawned from somewhere. We live to learn and improve… and I am learning so much from this forum and its talented members… and we have a great tool in the Snapmaker to realise our ideas in print.

Keep having fun



I designed a spool reel holder myself, unable to adapt to all spool reel, but it is really small enough.

It used a 401712 bearing I picked up from the roadside.
Hope to help you.


@X_Pilot nice job!

I couldn’t have said it better than @doug. He’s right. My design was also inspired. This is how we learn and improve the things we have around us. There is more than one way to solve a problem.

@DANIEL.ZHOU has an interesting design too. A different approach to the problem. Do you have an STL you can share with the group?


@kelvin8r Of course, this is just a way of thinking, and I hope others can improve it.02.STL (1.5 MB)
01.STL (3.0 MB)