Add Command `M600` in Your G-Code File

I have made several different changes to a Benchy Gcode test changing the filament for both extruders. But it only changing the filament for the Left extruder, How do I get the filament to change for the Right extruder. Here are the variations I have tried:

I am using T0 for left and T1 for right

;BEGIN FilamentChange plugin
T1 B5 E100.00 X119.0 Y175.0 Z180.0;END FilamentChange plugin

;BEGIN FilamentChange plugin
M600 T1 B5 E100.00 X119.0 Y175.0 Z180.0;END FilamentChange plugin

V3 noticed extra space after M600 removed space

;BEGIN FilamentChange plugin
M600 E100.00 X119.0 Y175.0 Z180.0
;END FilamentChange plugin

Can anyone help on this?

Well using the features of the M600 code is a BUST, Snapmaker doesn’t support the ADVANCED_PAUSE_FEATURE needed for M600 to use the parameters for the code.

Ok, I was told that Snapmaker supported M600 at the 7 year Anniversary yesterday, but my testing with a Multicolor Benchy kept failing when trying to change filament for the Right Extruder. My test was after the latest Firmware upgrade. So, is it that Snapmaker supports M600 for Filament breakage but NOT the ADVANCE_PAUSE_FEATURES that give you the ability to change Filament for EITHER Extruder. Other Printers support this WHY CAN’T Snapmaker do it. You want to to be the best SUPPORT like the BEST, UP YOUR GAME SNAPMAKER!!!

Kinda why I went with a Palette 3 for multicolor prints plus if I have a long print run weeks long prints I can use my single extruder (for weight reduction), they need a multi tier AMS for this system badly.

I’ve done exactly like in your example using VS Code. I managed to add M600 to the right layer and saved the gcode. While printing this file my SM A350 stopped as expected and I was able to change filament. By pressing resume on the touch screen the hotend moved to the right position and extruded a small amount, but stopped and didn’t move after that. Should I add something else to the line addition to M600?? Your help is much appreciated !