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I got my Snapmaker a couple days ago and but it together and plugged it in. turned it on and nothing the fans start but thats it. The light doesn’t even blink on the controller the screen doesn’t turn on and my computer doesn’t recognize it so not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

Double check all your connections. The light should be blinking. Does the light blink if nothing is plugged in to the controller except the power? Be sure it’s turned off when you plug in or unplug things.

If you don’t get a blinking light you may have a bad controller.
Then the next step is to contact support: Email support@snapmaker.com

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With everything disconnected still nothing happens. so the controller must be bad. I will contact them and see about getting another one.
thanks for the help

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They may very well ask you to perform other diagnostic steps that could result in a fix. Good luck.

I have been laser engraving but have had issues with scaling of the file. I have updated everything and even used the included sample in the snapmaker software. I have had no success in figuring out how to scale it to 1:1. Right now all engravings are at least a half or a third of the size that they should be. how can I fix this issue?