About the Cool Events category


We will organize cool events from time to time. It may be on the internet such as a design competition, or off-line activities such as a meet-up so that Snapmaker users that live close to each other can communicate face to face. :wink:



You forgot poor old Australia… I know that we are a long way from everyone… but don’t forget us.:laughing:

Have a great weekend



Hi Doug,

I didn’t forget. I put Africa, South America (except the U.S.), North America, Antarctica or Australia in the Other Places category. There are comparatively less users from these places. Hope you won’t mind…

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Dear @Rainie

hahaha, it is not a problem, I figured there would not be many users here. It is not an issue. What would be interesting to know is how many users there are in each country. This might prompt local users to seek out each other.

Take care and have a great day.



Yes, that is what this category is for - to find out local users and communicate with each other more. :wink:


hi @Rainie

I agree, what I was asking was, how many users now exist now in each country, for example, how many users are in Australia. If there were 1 user (me) I would not be making an effort to seek out others, if there were 15 users, I would be tempted to reach out on the forum and find out where they are located.

Take care and have a great week