A350 Fails to load filament

Brand new SM2.0 A350. Loaded newest firmware 1.10, followed the procedure (nozzle @200deg C), fed the filament, pushed Load filament and… nothing - the feed motor does not spin. Opened the load tab, all clear, closed the load tab, tried again, Load filament, nothing happens. Unload filament, nothing happens. With either command, once highlighted and pushed, it stays grayed out for a while (as if executing the command) and then reverts back to being ready to push again. No feed motor action, either way. Again, temperature is at 200deg C.
Any thoughts? Is the head damaged?
Thank you,

Mea culpa. I am ashamed to admit it: I plugged the head cable in the first Aux. socket instead of the Tool Head socket… It works as advertised. On to printing…


Thanks for the update! The labels are small, no doubt. How’d the print go?