A250 some prints get a fuzzy surface

Been printing cartridges (see Retroflag NESPi 4 Cartridge by DiniertoDesigns - Thingiverse ) for my NES Pi 4 case, but no matter what I do, I get this weird fuzzy surface

I’m using PLA, I’ve played with the temps and found that 185f gave the cleanest look (using the temp tower) and I’ve tweaked the filament flow all the way down to 85% but I still get this issue.

For slicing I used the SM2.0’s app with the PLA + Normal setting (with the tweak to temp and flow) but no matter that, I still get this. The other sides of the cartridge looks ok. I figured it might be the wall thickness but others seems to print this fine (but obvious I don’t know what slicers/printers they use).

Anyone seen this and know the “technical term” for it (so I can find info on it), or better yet, know why this happens?