A hack to fix a fallen tower

Just sharing a new hack I discovered:
Working on a 5 day print
Tower fell over while I was asleep. Mess everywhere.
Last Christmas I was given a MYNT3D pen. You can find it on Amazon. Pretty much a toy that extrudes filament. Used it once to see how it worked and it has been sitting on a shelf ever since.
Today while staring at the fallen tower and trying to figure out how to fix it, I remembered I had the 3D pen.
I wrapped masking tape around the tower to a height that made up for the missing tower. Heated up the pen, grabbed some scrap pla and filled the tower up to the top of the masking tape. Glued (glue stick) and taped the tower back in place.
It worked. The tower is once again standing and doing its job.
The next time you see a fallen tower consider that a cheap 3D pen, while sold as a toy, can actually be a useful tool.

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Sounds like a good idea…
Thanks for sharing…
Can you post a photo to complete the picture in my mind?

Hopefully these do it some justice. I did manage to catch the first layer of the repaired tower in a pic. Not perfect, a little lower than it should be, but the filament is catching, and I no longer have a mess.
While I plan to make towers a little wider and with a brim, this little hack saved me from a mess.




Went to look at progress and saw the tower was a little shaky at the base. So I fired up the little 3D pen and built a bigger cast. Watched the tower for three rounds and now the tower doesn’t move at all.

Kinda liking this little toy (tool) pen :+1:


Thanks for sharing

Thats great, but is there any way to prevent the towe fall in the first place? I have attempted many multi day prints and the tower has fallen in every single one.

any help?

I’ve managed some success with towers by widening the tower and going heavy on the glue stick in the location of the tower.

thanks. already tried the heavy glue. will try and widen. How do I do that?