3D printing round parts, 8 o’clock snag?


Hi all—printing lots at this point (I’ve had my machine a couple of weeks now; a lot of initial folderol with Z axis homing, etc.). Printing numerous small concentric cylindrical parts (lens caps, microscope adapters, and such). Do any of you experience a sort of “snag” in circular motion, at like 8 o’clock orientation (looking down at the bed, standing in front of it)? I get this fairly small but distinct discontinuity in the round motion/part, both the brim and the actual part. It’s clearly the same point in the motion where the g-code tells the machine to reverse engines, switch directions around the circle, jog over to print the other edge of the cylinder, etc. Do you just simply get this discontinuity right at “8 o’clock” inherently in a machine like the Snapmaker, or is this “not right”? Thanks—


Try vase mode or random mode. The basic setting for every printer or slicer, however, is probably this setting, which always switches to the next layer at the same point. A foto would help.


Hi epoe,
Thanks, I’ll look into this. I’m not finding “vase” or “random” down in Snapmakerjs; are these settings in a different slicer, or other program? I’ll try to provide a photo later today. --Charley


https://youtu.be/ablMMpqzoKc This Youtube video shows the vase-mode with the slicer Cura. Unfortunately, this setting is slightly different for each slicer.