3D printing module improvement

Hello there,
Just an idea, not sure if at all possible but there it is if it’s worth looking into it.

There are numerous reasons why a print can fail, and if it does you ruin your filament, your time and sometimes your machine where filament creates a massive ball around the 3D print head. I thought of an idea, that could use a similar camera that the laser module uses. As a print option, you could activate it and during the print it would zoom out several times, take a picture and compare to what it should look like, if it doesn’t, the machine pauses and sends an automatic email for example.

Not sure if it’s at all possible, but it would be nice to have!

I don’t use it, but:

looks promising indeed! Technology is already available. Should be nice to integrate it somewhere in the machine as maybe an option to buy!

Knowing what I know about the 3dp module, you could connect into the filament runout detection switch and the device could open the contact in the event it detected pasta, which would kill the print

simple 2 wire connector.