3d Print wall Issue when head approach direction changes

I have been trying to print a larger model and keep having an issue with a wall defect that appears where the 3d print head approaches the wall from a different direction. Attached is the larger piece I am trying to print. Also attached is a test STL that replicates the issue with less filament and time.

I have calibrated extrusion and retraction repeatedly. At first I thought it might be horizontal hole expansion being negative…but that is set to 0. I am using Cura 5.0.

SmallTest.stl (3.8 KB)

Do you have any play in the bed? It shouldn’t really deflect if you grab the edge and pull up and push down.

There’s also a long thread about a bump in the Y axis that might be relevant.

By hand, I cannot detect any play in the bed.

I will read through the Y axis thread and see if that applies. Thank you for the reply.

That looks an awful lot like mechanical backlash in the feedscrew. There’s a software compensation for it that’s been discussed on this forum. There’s no hardware solution for it unless you’re a machinist.

Unless it’s play in the head/x-rail bracket. Bed was mentioned checking but not head.