2.7.1 and LaserPower Management

Hi all,
I am trying to engrave in PLA, but with the original snapmaker + 200mW laser and v2.7.1 on a Mac I can not controll the LaserPower correctly.

It seems to have no effect to change the Laserpower. The tutorial seems outdated and the SW has a different GUI.

I tried also “fine tune work origin” but then my model is removed completely and replaced with some squares (why, what does this mean???) and when I engrave this, the power is correct at 100% and the lines are as deep as I want them (so I guess its is using the 100%). I don’t understand why my model is removed and squares are there instead. See my images pls.

Can someone tell me how to set the power for my original printing to 100% in snapmakerjs? Or is there a way to tweak the gcode files with the right commands to get 100%?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Sven (using the laser module for the second time)

Hi, JS is no longer supported and is replaced by Snapmaker Luban. Please download the latest version to see it helps. You can check Fixed Power in Luban under Working Parameters and set the laser power manually.

Thanks for the hint, did not know about Luban before!
Power parameter seems to work better with it.