1st time user-laser set up issues

just got my A350 assembled and started to set up for the laser…1st time. At first the touch screen had no life. I powered down and found that the plug to the controller can be inserted 2 ways. I reversed it and got life on the touch screen. Started through the set up sequence…entered my 1.5mm board thickness. The guide said to lower the Z height slowly but it started moving all by itself. nearly crashed the table. My table is still in the full forward position from the assembly instructions. I can’t seem to get any motion to happen in the Y direction. I can see movement in the X direction (left and right) but nothing front to back. The guide says to JOG this into position which I assume is with the touchscreen…but I can’t seem to get any motion to happen.
Does anyone have any advice or better step by step set up instructions?

Sounds like what usually happens when you have something plugged in incorrectly.
With power off double and triple check your connections.

Thanks, I heard back from Snapmaker support with troubleshooting steps. All cables were correctly installed but when Y and Z were reversed…all axis had motion. Previously Y had no movement. Also, touchscreen would not initialize sometimes. Both indicate a problem with the controller.