1st Time laser user, print not aligning with camera capture

This is the first time I’ve done anything with the laser.

I’ve read the Guide.
I’ve watched the video.
I’ve calibrated the laser.
I’ve calibrated the camera.
I’ve lined up the lines with the box etched in paper.
I start the camera capture. Confirm the capture. Load up the test box provided by Luban. Align the box’s print area with the test plywood.
Make sure vector is selected.
Click Process.
Click Generate Gcode.
Click Load Gcode to workspace.
verify the thickness of my material.
And then… Click run (which took over an hour to find because it was hiding behind the terminal screen and didn’t appear until seconds after I posted my now deleted thread)
And then the print head moves way off the platform and starts way off the front left of the build plate.
Any help?

You can also start engraving/cutting by using the USB disk, connecting with the USB cable, or
sending G-code files via Wi-Fi, in which case you will need to set the work origin yourself. For
detailed instructions, refer to our online User Manual.